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Text Message service for business

TXTImpact is a leading provider of business text message services for USA, Canada, and international networks. We offer text messages delivery and SMS gateway connectivity to over 800 mobile networks. Our text message service allows businesses to communicate with staff, customers and field sales in simple ways. Clients can utilize a number of tools for their text message communication such as Outlook mobile service, also known as Outlook SMS, Web SMS, Email to Text, Mass Texting, Group Texting, WordPress, plug-in or you can integrate your website or an application using our simple to use 2way SMS gateway HTTP or SMPP APIs.

Business Text Message Apps

Text Message Service Features

  • Support text messages longer than 160 characters
  • Supports HTTP & SMPP interface for sending and receiving text messages
  • Access to 800+ carriers- in 200 countries to send and receive text messages
  • Dedicated and shared short code support for North America
  • Real time delivery reports available
  • Extensive online reporting tools
  • Robust text message delivery platform

You can use the following tools to send SMS text messages to individuals or groups from your applications, website, servers or simply from email.

  • Through our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): connect your application or web site quickly and easily with our HTTP API or SMPP API.
  • Send text messages from command lines
  • Send personalized text messages from Excel using our Excel2Text tool
  • Send text messages from your Email
  • Send text messages from any computer that is connected to the Internet through Web SMS

Why TXTImpact?

  • We have been offering SMS message services since 2002 for the USA and the rest of the world
  • TXTImpact is one of the very few companies in the USA that provides SMPP interface and real- time delivery reports.
  • TXTImpact is a USA short code tier1 application provider. We’re not resellers like many others competitors.
  • TXTImpact is based in and is an operator from the USA.
  • Get access to 800+ carriers- in 200 countries to send and receive text messages.
  • Get dedicated and shared short code support for the USA and Canada.
  • Real- time delivery reports available
  • Robust text message delivery platform