What is Texting Number?

Dedicate Shortcode VS Shared Shortcode VS Longcode

When a business needs to send or receive text or picture messages (MMS) to subscribers, they would need a number aka sender Id, just like a regular phone number. In USA and Canada, only numeric number, either five-six digits shortcode or a ten digit phone is allowed to use as a sender ID as opposed to other countries where you can use a business name as a sender Id. Regardless of what sender ID, you can use, to receive text or MMS messages, you need to provide your subscribers a number to which they can send the messages. To start a conversation or to respond to your message for an accurate 2way text messaging.

USA & Canada

You can either use Shortcode , a virtual ten digit phone numbers or we can text enable your landline number. Here are the different options available:

Dedicated Shortcode

Dedicated shortcode well suited for the brands for marketing or high volume messaging.


  • These numbers are great for marketing, and high volume messaging.
  • Real time delivery reports, since shortcode provides a direct connection to the carriers’ network, the most of the carriers are able to provide handset delivery notification.
  • Hight Delivery rate, due to the direct connection and relationship with the carriers, we stand by the deliverability of the messages, which makes it a perfect choice to deliver OTP/OTA, Banking Alerts or any emergency notification Messages.
  • Unlimited messages per day.
  • Hight message through put 30 messages/second.
  • Unlimited API access and keywords


  • Its take 12 – 14 week setup time.
  • Expensive; cost $1000-$1500/month

Shared Shortcode

A 5-6 digit number, shared amongst multiple clients to avoid the high cost of dedicated shortcodes.


  • Cost effective, as compare to dedicated short code, the shared short code gives you access to the benefits of a dedicated short code at lesser price.
  • You can unlimited messages a day (as per your plan).
  • 10 messages per second speed.


  • It requires a keyword (predefined word) for the end user to start a conversation (the keyword is not required for them to reply).
  • The keyword requirement makes it a bad choice to receive picture messages since users tend to forget to include a keyword (predefined word) with the picture message.
  • Shut-down Risk: Since the shortcode is used by multiple clients, even though we monitor the usage and stay on top of any violation reported by CTIA and resolve them as soon as possible. It never happened in the past with our shortcode, but some of the competitor’s shortcodes were shut down due to improper usage by one of their client.

Ten Digit Longcode

Just like regular phone numbers, they allow you to send up to 1,000 messages per day/per number. If you need to send more than a 1000 messages a day, we recommend adding multiple numbers to load balance your main number.


  • Setup in minutes, no long wait
  • Economical ($5/month) as compare to dedicated short codes ($1000/month)
  • The number is dedicated to your account, and economical as compare to dedicated short codes
  • The local phone numbers are great for reminders, alerts, and two-way conversations.
  • You can send and receive text and MMS messages.
  • Call can be forwarded it to your main landline as well.
  • We recommend local number to receive MMS, since it doesn’t need a keyword as compare to shared short code


  • One message per second
  • You should avoid using ten digit number for marketing usage due to a low volume usage limitations.
  • The ten digit numbers are prone to the blocking by carriers’ SPAM filters.
  • Lack of delivery reports, there wouldn’t be notification if the number is blocked by the carrier.
  • Avoid using links, specifically common short link providers such as bit.ly.

International Texting Numbers

To support 2way texting for international destinations, we offer local texting number for over 33 countries (Click here to see a complete list of countries) out of which we provide a shared local number for over 12 countries and for the rest you can subscribe your own number.

Receive Text from International users for SMS Campaigns (SMS Autoresponder, Survey, Polling, Trivia, etc.)

SMS campaigns require users to text a keyword to a texting number, such as opting into an SMS list or participate in an SMS polling. We offer local SMS texting numbers for the list of countries listed below, and for all other countries’ users can send a text message to a UK number (listed below). Our all SMS campaigns (Polls, Survey, AutoResponder, Text-2-Join, etc.) are enabled for the top 12 countries. Please contact sales If you don’t see your country on the list and would like to run a campaign.

SMS Replies From International Destinations
If you want to receive SMS replies from international destinations listed below, make sure to use 27126 as a Sender ID. All country-specific local numbers are mapped to the shortcode 27126, means you don’t need to worry about sender ID for each country, we will choose a local sender Id based on the country and replies will be mapped to 27126. The users from the countries listed below will receive text messages from their respective local number. Most of the other countries will receive a text from a UK number wherever possible.
Texting short code number for USA: 27126
Puerto Rico787-291-9349
Spain+34 971110013
Germany+49 15706100006
Austria+43 676800200006
Australia+61 447910440
Sweden+46 769439897
UK+44 7937947882
Mexico+52 5549998151
Ireland+35 3871452051
Hong Kong+852 64504271
Brazil+55 12976019290

When you signup for an account, we automatically assign you a shared shortcode . The shared short code. Once you upgrade, you’ll have an option to buy a local number. Contact sales at 1-800-605-0280 for a dedicated shortcode for USA and Canada.

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