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Two Way SMS

TXTImpact provides solutions to send mass or bulk text messages to group and receive replies using easy to use web-based interface. No software to download, send a mass text message to one or hundreds from your PC or with a smartphone by using our Web SMS Service. TXTImpact web-based Web SMS Service that enables two-way communications from the Web to any mobile phone in the U.S., Canada, and over 200 countries. Easily send a single text message, mass text messages or group text messages to your customers using our cloud-based web SMS text messaging software allows you to reach your contacts on the go.

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Web SMS Messaging Features

  • Send mass text message instantly or schedule it for future delivery
  • Create unlimited groups
  • Send via PC or any smartphone
  • Replies to the mass text broadcast can be either forwarded to an email or a mobile phone. All Replies are available online
  • Optout handled automatically as soon as someone replies STOP. (CTIA & MMA compliant)
  • Cancel, resume scheduled broadcast
  • Send mass text messages longer than 160 characters. Our Platform splits messages automatically
  • Post messages Facebook and twitter at the same time
  • Include unique mobile coupon redemption code either from set of uploaded redemption codes or auto generated
  • We support US, Canada, UK, Brazil and over 800 carriers world wide
  • Multi users account available, every user will have access to their campaigns and subscribers
  • Create unlimited Groups

Our SMS API makes it easy to build text messaging applications like SMS appointment reminders, group messaging, phone verification and web authentication.

Text Messaging Service Features

  • Support text messages longer than 160 characters
  • Supports HTTP & SMPP interface for sending and receiving text messages
  • Access to 800+ carriers, 200 countries to send and receive text messages
  • Dedicated & shared short code support for North America
  • Real time delivery reports available
  • Extensive online reporting tools
  • Robust text message delivery platform

Why TXTImpact?

  • We’re offering SMS messaging services since 2002 for USA and rest of the world
  • TXTImpact is one of the very few of the companies in the USA provides SMPP interface and Real-time delivery reports
  • TXTImpact is a USA short code tier1 application provider. We’re not resellers like many others competitors.
  • TXTImpact is based in and operate from USA
  • Access to 800+ carriers, 200 countries to send and receive text messages
  • Dedicated & shared short code support for USA and Canada
  • Real time delivery reports available
  • Robust text message delivery platform
  • Offer many out of box web base text messaging application and also SMS API to integrate with your system

Text Messaging APPs offered by TXTImpact

  • Web Texting service : Send text message to one or a group of hundreds using web based tool and receive replies.Add contact one by one manually or upload list of mobile number to broadcast a message.
  • Outlook Text Message service : Send text message directly from Outllook 2007 and 2010.
  • Email to text message : Use your email client to send text message from email account and receive replies back to email. You can easily communicate with one person or groups of people while using a familiar email client interface such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • SMS Appointment Reminder : Reduce No-show and missed appointments with text message appointment reminder service.
  • SMS API : Send text message from your server, website, or an application. HTTP & SMPP interface available. Tap into our two-way SMS Developer API to quickly launch your own SMS marketing applications.
  • International Coverage: Send text message to over 200 countries and receive text message from over 23 countries using local numbers.
  • Third Party Integration: Send text message from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MailChimp, ConstantContact, and iContact.
  • Command line application: Send SMS from command line, it can be used to integrate with third party CRM, ERP, Microsoft management server and server applications for alerts management.

How to get started with TxtImpact mass text (sms) messaging service?
Tap into our two-way SMS Gateway to send and receive text/SMS messages and quickly launch your own SMS text marketing applications.

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