Logistics, Fleet, Trucking And Transport SMS Alerts

Transport SMS Alerts

Timely & Reliable access to data is critical for all businesses, the fleet, & trucking companies can gain the advantages of using Transport sms alerts to connect to customers, drivers and staff.

SMS marketing delivers rapid, economical way to communicate in a business that relies on information on the fly. Implement our SMS Messaging software to provide real-time information to drivers and customers. Your business can send Real-time inventory status, delivery schedules, vehicle locations and Transport SMS alerts and information. Offer your customers some of these specialized services using our SMS gateway & mobile marketing products & services. Fleets can send out SMS text alerts to the driver and suggest route changes or new assignments. Transport SMS alerts can be sent from monitoring station and alert drivers regarding critical conditions with the vehicle. Some other usages as follow:

  • Flight and bus schedules
  • GPS tracking
  • Parcel deliveries
  • Inventory status
  • Travel alerts
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Route and facility planning
  • Logistics, distribution and supply chain system alerts and monitoring
  • Distribution route monitoring and tracking text alerts
  • Communication with Technical support, and drivers via contact/call center text messaging with confirmed responses


Transport SMS Alert is brilliant technology for Transporter and clients for their best service and remaining in contact with, Passengers who are waiting for their trains or bus needed it and enjoyed the best Travelling experience.

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