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In the job placement and recruitment industry, there’s a lot that needs to takes place simultaneously – and at a very fast pace. Applicants need to be reached, job positions need to be filled and the channels of communication need to be open – and all in a streamlined manner. In this very fast-paced industry, staffing agencies must ensure that not only do they need to successfully place top job candidates at key corporations, but they also need to ensure that they’ve been properly vetted. One way for staffing agencies to multitask quickly and efficiently is through mobile text messaging. Below is some information on why it is important to incorporate text messaging into your recruitment and job placement business, along with information on how to best use text messaging to streamline the communication channels with clients and candidates.

Why Staffing Agencies Should Use Text Messaging

Before we delve into why staffing agencies should use text messaging, let’s first consider the impact that text messaging has had on businesses across multiple sectors. More businesses are turning to a text message service to perform mass texting, to send a text message reminder or for other reasons.

Mass text messaging is a great way to get messages out to your staff members and get an immediate response. Text messaging is the number one way to reach people on your team as expeditiously as possible. They are great for sending updates, reminders, confirmations and more. In fact, according to a recent study, text messages are red 99% of the time, whereas emails are read only 25% of the times. Additionally, phone calls are only answered 20% of the time. Not only are text messages a great way to reach members of your staff, but it’s also what many of them expect. Oftentimes when staff members are busy or in a meeting, they cannot be interrupted with a phone call or an e-mail, but a text message can be seen immediately. It can be seen and addressed right away, which ultimately helps you as a Staff Agency professional perform your job more efficiently.

Staffing agencies can use mass texting to get faster results. In fact, the use of text messaging allows staffing agencies to connect easier, hire candidates a lot faster and work a lot smarter. Here’s how:

  • 1. Since text messages can be sent to both groups and individuals, they can be used to vet and hire applicants. When sent to individuals, they can be used to send or receive pictures, provide updates or request follow up information concerning their availability. Additionally, they can continue to interact with them about any next steps or any unresolved action items.
  • 2. Text messaging allows job placement agencies to place temporary candidates a lot faster than when communicating with them by phone. Not only can they reach them almost immediately, but they can also get a response relatively quickly as well. Since some jobs need to be filled within 24 hours, the use of either individual or mass texts allows placement agencies to get back to their clients with a response right away. This is important because, in the Staffing placement industry, speed can determine whether or not you can close a deal. It allows you to interact with both your clients and potential candidates within minutes. Additionally, both clients and applicants can be reached if they’re out to lunch, in a meeting, or out for the day. It’s a great tool to use to keep the channels of communication open.
  • 3. After an employee has been placed, it’s a lot easier to track their hours through text messaging. Since most placement agencies pay on a weekly basis, sending a mass text can be used to request the hours worked for the week systematically.
  • 4. The use of text messaging also allows placement agencies to provide candidates with information about their next job assignment or changes in their current assignment.
  • 5. If you have important reminders for large amounts of employees, sending out a mass text message will save you an enormous amount of time. For example, there could be new changes or updates about a variety of issues. It’s a great way for you to stay in the loop and keep your employees in the loop as well. It’s also a great way to continue to interact with your client to find out about how things are going in real time.

Basically, your role as a staff placement agent requires that you work with a lot of people at one time. You are required to ensure that everyone is where they’re supposed to be and at the right time. That’s why there’s such a huge benefit to mass text messaging and sending out a text message reminder whenever needed. It’s also important for you to ensure that everything flows smoothly, although there are a lot of moving parts. Mass texting simplifies this process for everyone.

How Staffing Agencies Can Use Text Messaging to Increase Their Hiring

Since candidates rely heavily on staffing agencies to communicate with them at a moment’s notice, the use of text messaging can increase your ability to hire more employees. When candidates can be reached when called upon, it’s easier to fill various employment opportunities – and text messaging makes it easier for you to do this. It’s a very fast and convenient way to keep processes moving smoothly.

How Staffing Agencies Can Use Text Messaging To Streamline Communication With Candidates

Staffing agencies can also use text messaging to streamline communication with potential candidates by reaching them wherever they may be. Some candidates may be wrapping up their current job assignment, but need to be available to communicate with placement agencies as quickly as possible to secure the next job assignment. They can receive information about the next assignment as it relates to the job responsibilities, the location, the start date, and the pay rate. Ongoing communication via text messaging is mutually beneficial – it helps both the candidate and the placement agency.

As a job placement professional, using mass text messaging to reach out to the applicants is easy and a much more convenient way to interact in real time.

The use of a text message service also makes it easy and convenient for you to you send a Text Message Appointment reminder (RSVP to fill temporary positions) almost immediately. You can also use Text-2-Email or Email -2-Text for 1-on-1 text communication or collect time sheets as well.

To sum up, the use of text messaging as a staff placement agency allows you to better streamline your daily activities. It also allows you to improve your response time with all parties involved and ultimately it will improve your bottom line too.
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