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Now that the hot and humid months of summer are here, many people are more motivated than ever to get in shape. Looking good in that new bikini is a prime motivator for many, and smart gym owners are ready to capitalize on the craze of the summer season. Not only will business boom, but people who may really need the gym to lose weight and better their health may flock to your business. Helping these clients completely transform their lives is often the most rewarding part of the job.

Why You Need Better Marketing Strategies

As an established fitness center owner, it can be all too tempting to do little to no marketing. This is an error that is far more common than it should be. By using proven marketing strategies, new clients are constantly being brought in. This can shake things up, provide a more diverse client base, and put more money in your pocket. This money can be used to improve your fitness center, which can be a useful marketing tool in and of itself. Always wanted to offer a wider range of fitness classes to your patrons? Score some new clients and use the extra proceeds to make it happen!

Using Text Marketing to Score New Clients

One of the most effective marketing strategies is that of SMS marketing. This method of marketing is current and relevant, something that the vast majority of your client base will be able to resonate with. The messages can be used in a variety of ways, both to secure new clients and to keep current clients engaged and active participants in their gym membership.

There are several ways that this marketing method can be used to gain new clients. One example is using these services to send out a messaging campaign to entice potential customers to join a unique service your fitness center offers. This could be a membership to the gym itself, an offer on some of your fitness classes, or even an invitation to an informational meeting about the actual fitness center. Even if you don’t manage to get everyone you had hoped signed up, you will still have their information for future promotions. Right now might not be the time for them, but later could be.

How Text Marketing Can Reach Current Customers

Reaching out to potential customers via marketing is a smart business move, but it’s often not enough. Many people go all in when it comes to getting new clients, but fail to provide the level of service needed to keep them. In the current, fast-paced market, customers are looking for businesses that make them feel a part of something. They are looking for businesses that are trailblazers, ready to jump in and take part in the next big thing that will bring them closer to their clients.

SMS marketing isn’t only for securing new clients. It works just as well for existing gym members. By reaching out to your clients, you are keeping your business in the front of their minds, which will keep the clients for longer. A basic way to do this is set up a text messaging system that reminds them of payments due and upcoming appointments they’ve scheduled.

But this form of marketing goes so much further than the basics.

There are some unique things that can be done with this method of marketing. You will be able to send out a messaging campaign when you have new classes available, or when you have a big event that you have scheduled to happen. Customers might otherwise not have known about these, but with the right text message, they will be in the know.

One way you can show that you truly care about your customers is a unique message that can be set up to automatically send on said customers birthday. Messages like these work to make your clients feel special like they are part of the gym family. Letting them know you are thinking of them can, in turn, help them to remember you.

This method of messaging current customers can come in handy for both promotional reasons as well as strictly business reasons. Need to close the gym for an emergency? A quick message can be mass delivered to your clients, and they’ll be in the know far before they show up at the fitness center. This can prevent customers from getting needlessly frustrated. Keeping positive feelings flowing about your business is a good way to keep customers for years, instead of months.

How Text Marketing Can Improve Your Facility

It’s always a good idea to provide your customers with a quick and easy way to provide feedback. Sometimes a machine isn’t working properly, or something else isn’t quite right in your facility. This is normal, and to be expected occasionally. However, if one is not diligent, these broken items can remain so for far longer than needed. By hearing about these things promptly, you can work to mend them.

By setting up a text to the email system for your current clients, they will have the ability to send a text when problems occur. This text will be converted into an email that will be sent to management, letting those in charge investigate problems in a timely manner. By doing so, your fitness center will gain a reputation as a business who prides itself on quick response and top notch service.

The Bottom Line

Marketing can suck sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t needed. By setting up this kind of marketing, the work is practically done for you. Not only can you draw a ton of new clients, you can keep your existing clients happy as well. By using smart strategies such as SMS marketing, you are placing yourself in a prime position. You are showing your clients and potential clients that you are a company that runs with current technology. You are displaying a willingness to work with each customer, whatever their needs.

Sure, marketing can be boring; but it doesn’t have to be. With text message marketing, everything is streamlined for you and the customer. No hassles. No worries. Nothing but pure client generation and satisfaction.

Take the plunge and set up a marketing campaign this season. Chances are, you won’t regret it.

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