Text Message Marketing for Bands & Entertainers

Text Message Marketing


Now with Txtimpact Text Message Marketing service you have the ability to have direct instant contact with your excited fans! Bands and Entertainers thrive by building a fan base. The fan mailing list and email list have always been a valuable way to keep in touch with Text Message Marketing. When playing a gig, tell them to send a text to your keyword. Collect their mobile numbers and keep in constant contact. Imagine having the ability to ask your fans at a show what their favorite songs were, and at the same time build a database of people who love to see you perform.

How Text Message Marketing work for Band & Entertainers

Using the Txtimpact, you set up how the customer interacts with your keyword.
  • Text-to-Win Users can text for a chance to win. Winners can be selected randomly (first N entries win, every Nth entry wins, Nth entry wins, selected at end) or manually.
  • Mobile Club Interactive listener involvement that enhances audience interaction, drives ratings & increases ad revenues.
  • Text 2 Request The most efficient and user friendly way for listeners to make song requests.
  • Text Survey & Text Voting Engaging voting & feedback opportunities allowing you to interact & track your most loyal listeners.


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