SMS Marketing Campaign Integration with Constant Contact

SMS and Text Marketing integration with Constant Contact

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Combine the power of Constant Contact Email Marketing with SMS marketing. With TXTImpact Constant Contact SMS Marketing integration, email addresses captured with SMS marketing campaigns can be added to your Constant Contact list automatically. You can also send the text message to your Constant Contact lists. Simplified Solution is a web-based platform where users can send out or schedule texts to their contact list for reminders, alerts, and more. Its integration with Constant Contact enables the text-to-join feature where new contacts are automatically uploaded to a Constant Contact list.

Constant Contact SMS Marketing Features

  • Join Constant Contact list using SMS marketing short code & keyword
  • Import mobile numbers from your Constant Contact lists to TXTImpact SMS Lists
  • Import Email address from TXTImpact SMS lists to Constant Contact Lists
  • Multiple lists mapping

How to get started Constant Contact SMS Marketing?

  • Signup for TXTImpact trial account
  • Create a Text-2-Join SMS marketing campaign
  • Connect Constant Contact Account, following steps as explained in the video below

Watch Constant Contact SMS Marketing tutorial

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Who can use Text Marketing integration with Constant Contact?

Restaurants, golf ranges, hotels, pizzeria, churches, digital signs advertising, bands & entertainers, bowling alley, etc.

What can you do with mobile phone collected?

Send customers weekly or bi-weekly text message alerts with special offers, discounts, reminder, or advance information about special events.

No Credit Card · No Obligation · No Setup Fees

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