SMS Marketing for Spa and Salon

SMS Marketing


With Txtimpact SMS Marketing for Spa and Salon, Salons (Hair, Nail, Tanning…) can stay in touch with their clients easily, It fills slow days, and it can help to increase generate more visits per year. When a customer visits the salon, ask them for their mobile phone # to send them reminders and occasional specials. Give away a free service to a winner who sends in a text message. Collect hundreds of cell phone #s of your clients and you have a powerful direct SMS marketing channel.You can see how customers interact with your keyword. On mornings when you see the appointment are not much, use mass text messaging facility with a special like 10% off coupon by text message and watch how many customers call in. Hold a Contest like send a message & win a free salon service if they send a text. Put your keyword in your print & radio ads. Make people interactive!

Text message marketing for Spa and Salon can give really amazing results to get more clients and increase your popularity.

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