Email to Text Message and Outlook Text Message Pricing Monthly Plans

  • Plan 1

    • 9,000 text credits/month
    • 10 user accounts
    • Free incoming
    • Carrier lookup included
  • Plan 2

    • 25,000 text credits/month
    • 15 user accounts
    • Free incoming
    • Credits Rollover
    • Carrier lookup included
  • Plan 3

    • 50,000 text credits/month
    • 20 user account
    • Free incoming
    • Credits Rollover
    • Carrier lookup included
  • Plan 4

    • 100,000 text credits/month
    • 50 user account
    • Free incoming
    • Credits Rollover
    • Carrier lookup included
  • Plan 5

    • 250,000 text credits/month
    • 100 user account
    • Free incoming
    • Credits Rollover
    • Carrier lookup included
SMS Credits and Coverage
  • Text credits: Text message of 160 characters for GSM characters and 70 characters for non-GSM characters (Unicode) is one text credit for the USA & Canada. For international coverage and credits, see International SMS. It takes two text credits to send and receive one MMS message.
  • 1/2 credit for blocked Shortcode message re-routing: 1/2 credit additional for failed message re-routing for USA recipients. On customer request carriers sometimes block text messages from the Shortcodes, in that case, we can redirect message through a different route.
  • When sending text messages to be sure to prefix country code to a mobile number. For example; prefix "1" for USA and Canada numbers such as 12123005984, 4479000000 for UK, etc.
USA Coverage
We deliver messages to the USA using shared shortcodes, high throughput, and direct carriers connections. TXTImpact also offers dedicated shortcode, local phone number, toll-free or landline for your texting needs.
International Coverage
  • Receiving Text messages from international mobile users
    All campaigns using a default shared shortcode (27126) is capable of receiving messages from a number of international destinations using the respective local phone. Click here for all international texting numbers.
  • Sending Text messages to international mobile users
    TXTImpact can deliver SMS to over 800 wireless networks worldwide. For a number of international destinations we use a shared local number as sender id, the system will select a local number automatically based on the country. If you would like to use your local area code or country local number as senderID, we can offer local numbers for USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Australia, Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Dedicated costs vary between $5-$25/month. Click here for all international texting numbers and for international SMS coverage and credits see International SMS. The cost per message varies for an international destination, please contact sales for more information.
Payment & Plan Terms
  • No contract required. No setup fee or sign-up fee. Cancel anytime
  • Incoming messages are free.
  • Text Message and keyword credits must be prepaid.
  • Monthly subscription and Keyword fee will be billed in advance every month. You can cancel anytime monthly plans.
  • Review FAQs and Terms of Service if you have any questions.
One time event?
We don't offer one-time usage plan. You can cancel your subscription once you're done with the campaign, there is no cancellation fee or any term contract. Make sure to cancel your account once done with the campaign; there is no refund for unused service. You're responsible for the monthly subscription fee as long as you have an active account.
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