Mobile Landing Page

Why Mobile Landing Page?

The U.S. leads the world with a 15.6 mobile web penetration and 40 million active mobile web users. The U.K. is second with 12.9 percent penetration, and Italy is third with 11.9 percent. The mobile device is being used more and more to access the internet — be it via mobile broadband, or wi-fi, now that more devices are being shipped with wireless connectivity capabilities. The reasons behind this trend are pretty obvious and certainly include:
  • The ease-of-access the mobile phone has to offer, because it is always at hand
  • It’s much more portable than a laptop, (yes even more portable than a net book)
  • New devices have better hardware (e.g. larger screens), which make it feasible to render more websites on a mobile phone
  • Browser vendors are now concentrating considerable effort in becoming established and dominating in the mobile market, so we have better mobile browsers
  • But also, it’s mainly because of our growing need to be and stay online.
  • include link of product page in weekly deals alerts to customer
  • For product promotion include product brief introduction including product pricing, pictures
  • Include picture gallary, or may be product/service/music video

The mobile site can also collect information from customers using Mobile Forms. Collected data can be either forwarded to an email address, posted to client’s website, or save in database and exported. Small businesses, such as hair salons to sports agencies are using mobile marketing campaigns to help draw in new customers. One of the best ways to reach out to potential customers is to make it easy for them to locate you on the go. It is very helpful to start by placing your address, phone number and hours of operation upon the mobile web. It has attracted a lot of attention because of its increasing popularity and apparent potential.

Mobile landing Page

  • An easy to use interface for creating and managing your mobile pages.
  • Full online preview before the mobile site is published.
  • Full customisation of fonts, font size, text color, link color, page color and template styles.
  • Include both internal and external links.
  • Online style sheet editors
  • All content formats supported (text,image,audio,video)
  • Device recognition & Automatic content rendering
  • Images, Video, & Audio automatically resized/converted depending on handset.
  • Integrated with mobile ad serving platform
  • Integrate with third party ad servers such as; Admob, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Data capture and collection forms
  • It allows you to capture customer information via a mobile contact or feedback form.
  • RSS & XML feed support Live feeds such as News, traffic, weather, stocks, sports results, RSSFeed etc.
  • Send-a-friend feature; forward mobile site link to friend and family using as Text Message.
  • Signup for Text mobile alerts, seemless integrate with text marketing campaigns.
  • Site optimized for mobile search engine optimise and boost traffic to your mobile website with keywords and tags so that it will be searchable by Google Mobile and other mobile search engines

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