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Receive Text Messages (SMS) using Mobile Keywords

Text marketing mobile keyword is a unique word that can contain letters or numbers selected by a business. SMS Mobile Keywords allow your customers to interact with your services, to receive on demand information, e.g business locations, todays specials, on demand coupons, or join mailing lists, etc. A keyword is a short word that identifies your campaigns. For example: in ‘Text Pizza to 27126 to receive weekly specials.’; ‘Pizza’ is a keyword and 27126 is a short code just like a mobile number but it’s just 5 digits not 10 digits.

Check if we have a keyword available for your business:

For USA short code (27126):

*There shouldn’t be any space or special character in a keyword. The keyword can be a 4-20 characters word, a combination of letters and numbers. For Example 4Win, Laundry, FrankPizza, etc.

Why do you need a unique single word?

SMS Marketing is conducted using a shortcode (5-6 digit mobile number), a short code is a 5-6 digit mobile number which is used to send and receive SMS Text Messages. A company can either lease their own dedicated short code (bit expensive) or they can use a shared short code provided by TXTImpact for your business. Regardless of the dedicated or shared short code, mobile keywords are required for each campaign a company is likely to execute.
For example, if you own a restaurant and you like to run two types of mobile campaigns; one is your mobile VIP club in which you want to have customers text to opt-in and receive promotions on a weekly basis. The second campaign you like to run is an mobile feedback, so customers can submit their feedback about the quality of the food or customer service. In order to keep these campaigns unique and run independently, you need to pick a word (mobile keyword) so customers can text “VIP” to a short code (27126) to opt-in to your list. For surveys, you have to choose “Feedback”, so customers will text ‘Feedback” to 27126 and they’ll be asked a series of questions.
SMS Marketing is a new marketing tool that can work extremely well for a lot of businesses. Since text messages get to read 95% of the time, a well-designed keyword marketing plan can typically result in a 25% response rate by the consumers. This kind of response is much higher than that of other traditional marketing methods like direct mail or email.
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