MMS Marketing for Businesses: Picture and Video Marketing

MMS Marketing Service

MMS Marketing Service (Picture Messaging) from TXTImpact is an end-to-end solution enabling businesses to deliver a rich Text Marketing experience to customers. You can now combine text, pictures, photos, animations, videos, speech and audio for the ultimate MMS Marketing Campaign experience.

MMS Marketing for Businesses: Video and Picture Message Marketing Software

The MMS Marketing Software provides an opportunity for marketers to send MMS picture and video messages to subscribers. MMS Autoresponder, a Text to MMS delivers rich engaging video or picture advertisement or build on demand to consumers and also build an opt-in list. MMS-To-Win Campaigns, such as consumer can take a picture or shot a video and send it as MMS to a shortcode to enter the campaign. Marketers can also use group MMS feature to send video or picture message with text beyond 160 characters to opt-in mobile subscribers, e.g. Mobile Coupons with Barcodes, a product short video, etc.
Text ‘TRIDENTGUM’ to ‘27126’ OR Text ‘Dove’ to 27126 and experience 6 seconds of MMS Video Marketing *Message and Data Rates may apply.

MMS Mobile Coupons

Business can send scannable MMS Coupons to the customers using MMS Picture Messaging. A customer can either text a keyword to receive a coupon or business can mass send MMS Mobile Coupons to opt-in customers’ mobile phone.
See MMS Coupons Campaign in Action
mms coupon

TEXT Ricks to 27126 (msg&data rates may apply)


TEXT Groomer2U to 27126 (msg&data rates may apply)

Send Personalized MMS Image

Send a different image to each recipient in your broadcast MMS, each person receives a personalized image.

How to do it?

Upload subscribers with links to individual images in one of the custom fields. Add the following to the text part of the MMS: %FILE{%custom1%}%. Now, simply broadcast the MMS to the recipients.

Send Mass MMS Messages

Send MMS messages to mobile subscribers instantly or scheduled for future release.

Personalize Messages with Merge Tags

Personalize MMS messages with merge tags such as Name, Email Address, or any of the custom fields for each recipient. Merge tags in picture messages are similar to merge tags in emails. “Merge Tags” are placeholders within the message. You can also define default merge field values to fall back on if the recipients merge tag data does not exist.

VCards and iCalendars delivered by MMS

You can also send vCards(.vcf) or iCalendar(.ical) through MMS API, Email to MMS or from the web portal User Interface. You can also receive vCards and ACL from the users.
Text ‘VMMS’ to ‘27126 to receive TXTImpact vCard on your phone *Message and Data Rates may apply.
There is a myth that only smartphones can send and receive MMS, but the fact is that even featured phone with a camera can also send and receive MMS. This means that most mobile subscribers can send and receive video or Picture MMS on their mobile phones. The MMS platform converts an MMS message into a mobile link for non-supported networks and devices. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for marketers to interact with the mobile users.

How to Broadcast a MMS Message?

Vertical Markets

Entertainment, Media, Movie trailers, Movies & event tickets, Retail, Brands, m-Greetings, Sports & News Alerts, Business, Enterprise, Office automation, Mobile Health, Insurance, Real Estate, Security Monitoring, Social Media etc.

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