Faqs / What’s the different between AutoResponder and Text-2-Join?

Autoresponder allow businesses to deliver information on demand. Customers can send keyword in a text message to receive information on demand. The auto response message can contain a text message, a link to website, email address, business address, a link to picture or MMS. Autoresponder also allow you to to add dated messages, for example if you like to return a different message for any particular date, day or time and drip messages. The drip messages allow business to send follow-up messages after user opt-in, messages can be scheduled to sent hours or days after opt-in. Text-2-Join is a basic SMS Marketing campaign, allow customers to join a group or mobile list, either by sending a text messages containing keyword to short code, or from web site. Text-2-Join can be used to create groups with keywords as well.

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