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What information can be captured with Text-2-Join campaigns?

Text to Join campaigns allow your customers to be able to join mobile list by sending a keyword to the short code. With Text-2-Join campaign customer mobile number is saved and added to your mobile list. You can also configure campaign to receive notification by email or text message whenever someone joins the list.

Can I capture customer’s name, address or email address with text-2-join campaign?

By default with text-2-join we get only mobile number of participant, but if you like to collect their email address or name, you may ask them to text the information along with the keyword, for example, “Join myemail@email.com, Winnie the pooh” and have it sent to assigned short code. Join is the keyword and rest is the information you can ask participants to text along with it. All information can be access through “Received Messages” section, which can be downloaded as excel as well.

How long the keyword can be?

The keyword should be minimum 4 characters and shouldn’t contain any spaces. Keyword should be selected based on theme of your business or activity, so participants can easily remember it.

What’s the different between AutoResponder and Text-2-Join?

Autoresponder allow businesses to deliver information on demand. Customers can send keyword in a text message to receive information on demand. The auto response message can contain a text message, a link to website, email address, business address, a link to picture or MMS. Autoresponder also allow you to to add dated messages, for example if you like to return a different message for any particular date, day or time and drip messages. The drip messages allow business to send follow-up messages after user opt-in, messages can be scheduled to sent hours or days after opt-in. Text-2-Join is a basic SMS Marketing campaign, allow customers to join a group or mobile list, either by sending a text messages containing keyword to short code, or from web site. Text-2-Join can be used to create groups with keywords as well.

What is Opt-In?

Opt-in a permission based marketing. Advertiser should have take permission from mobile subscribers before sending them any text message. Text-2-Join to perfect way to get people opt-in and join the list.

What is keyword?

Keywords allow your customers to interact with your services, to receive on demand information, e.g business locations, todays specials, on demand coupons, or join mailing list, etc. A Keyword is a short word identifies your campaigns. For example: ‘Text Club to 27126 to receive weekly specials.‘Club’ is a keyword in this case.

How Long Can Text Messages Be?

A standard text message is limited to 160 characters. Characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation. TxtImpact SMS marketing campaigns and mass texting tools allow you to provide longer messages up to 465 characters. The longer message will be split into multiple parts like (1/3) Part1, (2/3) part2, etc. Each part is considers as one message credit.

What Is A Short Code?

A Short Code is 5-6 digit number provided by carriers, similar to the a mobile number. It is a unique number allow people to send text messages to, and allow application integrators receive messages from carriers’ gateway.

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