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What Is A Short Code?

A Short Code is 5-6 digit number provided by carriers, similar to the a mobile number. It is a unique number allow people to send text messages to, and allow application integrators receive messages from carriers’ gateway.

Do I need to know wireless carrier or operator of the recipients?

No carrier information required, you don’t need to know recipient carrier name to send text message, our server will do carrier lookup. Supports major USA, Canada and international mobile operator

What is keyword?

Keywords allow your customers to interact with your services, to receive on demand information, e.g business locations, todays specials, on demand coupons, or join mailing list, etc. A Keyword is a short word identifies your campaigns. For example: ‘Text Club to 27126 to receive weekly specials.‘Club’ is a keyword in this case.

How Long Can Text Messages Be?

A standard text message is limited to 160 characters. Characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation. TxtImpact SMS marketing campaigns and mass texting tools allow you to provide longer messages up to 465 characters. The longer message will be split into multiple parts like (1/3) Part1, (2/3) part2, etc. Each part is considers as one message credit.

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