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There is no technology available today that can reach more people faster, and more reliable than the mobile phone which can be used as Emergency Mass Text Message Alerts. The Group Text Messaging Service is the perfect Emergency Response and Notification system. Face it, one thing you always have within a few feet of you is your phone. In case of a tornado, act of terrorism, or any other situation that requires the people you are responsible for to be alerted, with TXTImpact Emergency Mass Text Messaging Service can reach them instantly. You can send an emergency message directly from your phone even if you’re not in front of your PC. There is no faster way to get the word out!
With TXTImpact Group Text Message Alert, your users can send in a text to your keyword at any time to get important information. This is same Emergency Alert System that you hope you will never have to use can be used for school closings and for other up-to-the-minute information. On a snow day, parents & students can send a text message to see if the school is closed. Employers can send out emergency closing information to employees via text message. Mobile phone numbers can be added to the subscribers’ list by importing them into our system, entering them in manually one by one, or a user can subscribe to the alerts either by sending a KEYWORD to a shortcode or sign-up online using web signup form.

How Emergency Mass Text Messaging or Group Text Message Alerts Work?

  • Step 1 – Register for the service

    Click here to sign-up for the no obligation free trial account, no credit card required.

  • Step 2 – Prepare to add subscribers

    Once you have signed up, you’ll be directed to the Dashboard where you can create web sign-up form and set up a keyword for people to join the list. If you already have a mobile list and have a prior consent to send them text messages, you can start uploading your subscribers. For transaction alerts, you don’t need writing permission but you must have some form of permission from the end users. The list can be as well imported from Constant Contact or MailChimp account.

  • Step 3 – Add Authorized mobile phone number

    Now add an authorized mobile phone from which you can send a broadcast text message as and when needed from anywhere, at any time. You can also broadcast text using online portal or Mobile Text messaging APP .

No Credit Card · No Obligation · No Setup Fees

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