Text Messaging Service: Receive Text Message as Email

Text Messaging Service: Receive Text Message as Email

Receive Email notification whenever someone text your business You need to setup a keyword on a short code receive text message as email.

1. Anyone text a predefined keyword such as your business name “KevinLaw” to 27126 e.g “KevinLaw we’re looking for an lawyer to represent us in court for DWI violation”

2. The message will be forwared to company defined email address “info@kevinlaw.com”

3. Optionally, you can have that message sent to your mobile phone as well. Also, you can reply back to that email, the reply will be forwarded to mobile phone as Text message. This feature allows you to extend Text messaging to your desktop. By using your email client to receive and send Text messages you can easily communicate with one person or groups of people while using a familiar interface.

As this is a 2way platform, responses to the SMS will be sent to the email account of your choice. When you respond to these reply emails they will automatically be converted back to an SMS and sent to the responder’s phone.