Text Message Marketing for Hotel

Text Message Marketing for Hotel

with more than 7 trillion text messages sent around the world in 2011, it is no secret that mobile users are hyper-engaged and hyper-connected via mobile messaging.

why is it then that marketers continue to overlook this opportunity to build a relationship with customers?  in a recent hipcricket survey of mobile users, 57 percent of respondents said they would be interested in opting in to a brand’s sms loyalty program. yet, 80 percent of survey respondents said they have not been marketed to via sms by their favorite brands. even more compelling, 90% of survey respondents who had participated in an sms loyalty club felt they had gained value from being a part of the program.  why the hesitation to include sms into the marketing mix? many hoteliers simply don’t know where to start, and are rightfully cautious to reach consumers through this nascent channel.

despite hoteliers’ apprehension to engage in this channel, many hoteliers understand the potential sms offers to effectively reach consumers. in hebs digital’s 5th annual benchmark survey on hotel digital marketing budget planning, 25% of hoteliers indicated that sms marketing was an initiative they planned to leverage in 2011.


what mobile marketing initiatives are you planning for? 2010 2011
mobile site 25.9% 37.5%
mobile booking engine 22.4% 37.5%
sms text marketing 27.6% 25%
mobile banner advertising 19% 12.5%
iphone app 24.1% 8.9%
i am not planning on mobile marketing initiatives for 2010 32.8% 38.4%



source: hotel news resource read more about text marketing and Text Messaging Service