Receive MMS Picture Message Via Shared Short Code Without Using A Keyword

Receive MMS Picture Message Via Shared Short Code Without Using A Keyword


To receive MMS from clients using shared short code is a challenge for businesses. Why? because shared short requires to use a keyword in a message originating from mobile phones, so that TXTImpact server can route those messages to your application.

Shared short code is a great thing, you can be up and running with SMS & MMS campaigns with in minutes and save thousands of dollars and months. The shortcoming is that you have to use a keyword in a message originating from mobile phone. Even though with TXTImpact breakthrough technology doesn’t require a keyword usage with all subsequent messages. Still for campaigns involve non-technical people, less phone savvy, it’s difficult to get everyone include a keyword in a message, specially with MMS (Picture message) campaigns.

Here is one the case study, I like to share with you. A Landscaping company wants to receive picture of potential client’s existing layout, before sending out a sales person for a quote. Having most of people carry smart phone with a camera and MMS messaging, it’s very easy to receive photos and videos as MMS, but they don’t want provide personal cell phone numbers. So, the idea was to receive photos or MMS on computer without using personal mobile phone. The solutions was to use short code, as you know, short code allows to receive messages from mobile phone to the web application.

TXTImpact offers dedicated and shared short code, but dedicated short code is alway not financially viable solution and shared short code requires a keyword. The Landscaping company target was to make things easy for his potential clients not complicated. Here is the solution we have provided them and it worked like a charm.

First step would be to setup a Text-2-Email campaigns, with keyword and a autoresponse message

Now lets look at:
Scenario 1: Landscaping company sends a text message from designated email address to the client and have them reply with pictures or video. Client received a text message and reply to the text with pictures/video. Landscaping company received an email with Pictures/Video attached. (JOB DONE!!)

Scenario 2: Call to action, Text a <ESTIMATE> to 27126 to receive free quote.

1. User texted a keyword to short code

2. Received a autoresponse message with instructions to reply with pictures & video to receive a free quote.

3. Company received email Pictures/Video attached. (JOB DONE!!)

So, we eliminated the use of keyword completely and still used a shared short code.