Prepare For Hurricane Sandy Use Text Message Emergency Alert System

Prepare For Hurricane Sandy Use Text Message Emergency Alert System

As Hurricane Sandy is approaching to east coast, which experts say could hit on Monday, Oct 29th. Many townships have activated a preparation plan that includes a text message alert system for residents and increased staffing and preparations at the police department, fire department, department of public work, and emergency response units. Businesses, Churches, Public services will need to reach out to employees, staff, or members quickly to notify of any emergencies, close-out, contact volunteers.

TXTImpact emergecny text messaging system allow you to send a text message to hundred or thousands people at once either using web or directly from your phone. It very simple to use the system, it just takes 3 steps to step your emergency text message system:

1. Sign-up

2. Upload mobile numbers to be contacted

3. Setup Remote broadcast authorize mobile number (The person responsible of sending text message blast to the group directly from his/her phone in case of emergency) Now, you’re all setup to send text alert to group of people and make sure they’re safe and prepare to handle the storm.

TXTImpact will keep their phone lines open for support during weekend, if you need any help with account setup or sending a broadcast.

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