Long Code SMS Vs Short Code SMS: Inbound Text Message Service

Long Code SMS Vs Short Code SMS: Inbound Text Message Service

Why use a short code instead of a long code?

inbound text messaging service allow businesses to receive text message from mobile subscribers. this is cost effective way of communicating with customers, employees, field sales, marketing, polling, etc. to receive a text message carriers provide 5-6 digit number which is capable of receiving and sending only text or mms messages between mobile subscribers and an web, or desktop application. the short code needs to provisioned with carrier after their approval of your application, this is known as dedicated short code. it takes 10-12 weeks for getting your own short code number provisioned and certified. text marketing company like txtimpact can provide you with shared short code, which you can use immediately without any wait time. the other way to receive and send text message is a virtual phone number also know as long code or number. you can still receive and send text message from applications, but there are still some of major drawback of using long numbers.


short code long number
ideal solution for text marketing, text voting, sweepstakes, mobile coupons,text-for-info etc. phone numbers are mostly used for low volume group texting application.
large volume messaging send 30 messages per second low volume messaging 1 send message/1 sec. person-to-person communications. send and receive text messages between users and groups.
high cost dedicated short code, alternately use shared short code with keyword low cost of dedicated long number. a unique or dedicated long number can be assigned to a business or individual
delivery reports: short code connectivity provides end to end delivery reports, so you can track message status with long code there are no delivery reports available, there is very limited visibility into message delivery


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