Outlook 2013 Text Message Add-In Released

Outlook 2013 Text Message Add-In Released

Good news for all Outlook Text Message Service fans! Yeah, you know all how painful it was when Microsoft removed outlook text message service feature from Outlook 2013. We have now the Outlook 2013 text message Add-in to solve the problem.

The Add-in for Outlook® 2013 is complet ely integrated into your outlook and smoothly integrates with Outlook or Microsoft® Exchange address books. It provides a 2-way Text message and as well as PICTURE MESSAGE!! communication.

The user receives a text message or a MMS, replies back to message from their mobile phone, and the reply will be forwarded instantly to your Outlook in the Inbox. Outlook 2013 Text message Add-In increases productivity for business users allowing to send and receive text messages between mobile workforce, field staff, field technicians, visiting nurses, colleagues and customers.

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