Mobile Coupons : Give Away Unique Promotional Code or Coupon Via Text Message (SMS)

Mobile Coupons : Give Away Unique Promotional Code or Coupon Via Text Message (SMS)

Many Text Marketing companies are offering mobile coupon application, but in reality, those are a just simple auto responder with the same coupon code for all customers. sometimes, business wants to control the coupon codes distribution, track and make sure they’re used only once. Now, you can give away unique promotional codes or coupon to customers for one-time use only via text message (SMS) using TXTImpact mobile coupon & reward application.

  • 1. You can generate the unique codes in your system and import into TXTImpact mobile coupon & reward campaign.
  • 2. Unique promotional codes or coupon codes can be generated from TXTImpact mobile coupon & reward platform.

  • Every customer sends a text message (SMS) keyword to short code will receive a response with unique promotional code. the unique promotional code can be tracked and redeemed at the post sale, or on the website.

    Challenge: One of our clients wanted to allow customers to request a free play code via text message only once a month and codes should be unique for each user.

    Solution: We implemented a text-to-win campaign which allowed control number of times a customer can win or get a free code during once a month along with mobile coupon & reward application which dispenses a unique promotional code for each mobile number.

    Result:  A happy customer and the campaign were used for over 3 years.

    Another advance twist…. we can send a mobile number and dispensed unique code to client’s website using APIs, so it can be recorded for redemption