RSVP Text Messaging: Text Message Appointment Reminder Service

RSVP Text Messaging: Text Message Appointment Reminder Service

“How do you fill open shifts?” does your business requires temporary, seasonal or intermittent employees? need to fill last minute shifts fast, spending too much time on the phone with employees and candidates.

use TXTImpact 2-way Text Messaging Service to fill shifts in minutes, quickly find qualified and eligible candidates to cover a shift at the last minute.

Text Message Appointment Reminder Service  

use Text Message Appointment Service with confirmation (RSVP) to speed-up hiring process by communicating with all candidates at once and save precious time.

select all eligible and available employees from your contact list and send a rsvp confirmation text messages for the shift that needs to be filled. everyone you selected will receive a text message alert about the available shift. employees can reply to text message to confirm or declined the request and you’ll receive all responses via email.

use our text to email service, 2-way text messaging service to allow employees to text-in for time-off/sick day requests.

send staff text alerts when there is a schedule change, swap or open shift using mass text messaging service.

who can use it?

event management, trucking company, stadium parking management, convention staff, modelling agencies, visiting nurses, etc.

how much does it cost?

plans start from $65/month for 1500 text messages a month. for all plans visit /business-text-pricing/