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4 Ways To Generate Leads Using Text Marketing

4 Ways to Generate Leads using Text Marketing
When the rate of users of cellphones for texting is examined, it appears like it is the main reason why everybody purchased their phones in the first place. However, marketers are less interested in tapping into this market and instead will prefer spending heavily on other digital advertising media. This is where they get it wrong. Statista predicted there will be about 4.77 billion mobiles users worldwide in 2017 while Techcrunch also followed suit by predicting there will be up
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RSVP Text Messaging: Text Message Appointment Reminder Service

“How do you fill open shifts?” does your business requires temporary, seasonal or intermittent employees? need to fill last minute shifts fast, spending too much time on the phone with employees and candidates. use TXTImpact 2-way Text Messaging Service to fill shifts in minutes, quickly find qualified and eligible candidates to cover a shift at the last minute.   use Text Message Appointment Service with confirmation (RSVP) to speed-up hiring process by communicating with all candidates at once and save
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Call In Sick Text Message Service

Do you want to offer your employees a convenient way to call in sick using text message or likes to make process easier for your business. I’m not going to talk about if CALLING sick using text message is an appropriate approach or not. This is something your management would decide. But if you decide to implement a text message service for your employees to text in sick instead of CALL in. There are few things will be required A
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WiFi Guest access provisioning with Cisco Identity service: Send guest account credentials as Text message

Guest access provisioning allows you to easily add guest accounts to your network. These accounts are mainly used to authenticate guest WiFi users for temporary access to a WiFi network managed by a Cisco Identify service. By sending guest account credentials as Text message allows guest users to gain access to the Internet quickly and keeps our campus network more secure. How to use TXTImpact Email to text message service with Cisco Identity service engine to send guest account credentials
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Outlook 2013 Text Message Add-In Released

Good news for all Outlook Text Message Service fans! Yeah, you know all how painful it was when Microsoft removed outlook text message service feature from Outlook 2013. We have now the Outlook 2013 text message Add-in to solve the problem. The Add-in for Outlook® 2013 is completely integrated into your outlook and smoothly integrates with Outlook or Microsoft® Exchange address books. It provides a 2-way Text message and as well as PICTURE MESSAGE!! communication. The user receives a text
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SMS Marketing Integration With Constant Contact

SMS marketing integration with Constant Contact
  Do you have a Constant Contact account and want to combine power of Constant Contact email marketing with SMS Marketing. With TXTImpact Constant Contact integration, email addresses captured with SMS marketing campaigns such as text to join or SMS Autoresponder can be added to your constant contact email list automatically. You can also send text message to your constant contact lists. Features: Join Constant contact list using SMS marketing short code & keyword Import mobile numbers from your Constant
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Text Message Appointment Reminder For Dentist Office

Dentist Appointment
Any dental office knows that it is essential to remind patients about appointments a day or so beforehand. This practice has become very common with all sorts of medical offices because it helps decrease the rate of no-shows. Even so, this important task may have consumed a lot of your office staff’s time in the past.     Besides, despite your best efforts to make phone calls to your patient’s homes, the wrong person may answer the phone, messages might
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How to merge names or custom data into text messages using TXTImpact?

Wouldn’t it be nice to send a personalize Broadcast Text Message to customer; “Dear Sam. Your payment for month of Aug is due..”, instead of “Dear Customer. Your payment is due”? When you broadcast a text message to customers, you’ll get more positive response if the message is personalized. The most common way to personalize a text message is to add first name of your contact into the text message. Beside that you also add additional personalize information to the
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Send Text Message From Outlook 2013

UPDATE!! AUG 28, 2014 OUTLOOK 2013 TEXT MESSAGE ADD-IN IS Released.. READ MORE ABOUT AT /blog/outlook-2013-text-message-add-in-coming-soon/ ======================================================================= Outlook 2013 doesn’t provide any inbuilt support for sending text messages from outlook. Outlook 2007 & 2010 shipped with feature to configure text messaging service provided by third party certified vendors such as TXTImpact and send text message using Outlook user interface. Outlook 2007 & 2010 also provided functionality to use a mobile address book with the texting service. With release of Outlook
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SMS Marketing: Text to Win strategy to grow mobile database

SMS Marketing
This is not a secret any more SMS marketing is powerful and affordable marketing solution for businesses. Do you know why? 95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes The average user looks at their cellphone 150 times per day 22% of text messages with value are forwarded on to friends and family The mobile coupon average redemption rate is 15-20% 93% of people age 18-43 leave their cell phones turned on 24 hours a day. The
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