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4 Ways To Generate Leads Using Text Marketing

4 Ways to Generate Leads using Text Marketing
When the rate of users of cellphones for texting is examined, it appears like it is the main reason why everybody purchased their phones in the first place. However, marketers are less interested in tapping into this market and instead will prefer spending heavily on other digital advertising media. This is where they get it wrong. Statista predicted there will be about 4.77 billion mobiles users worldwide in 2017 while Techcrunch also followed suit by predicting there will be up
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5 Examples of SMS Marketing done the right way?

SMS Marketing done the right way
SMS Marketing One of the common marketing strategies companies use in the digital age is SMS Marketing. SMS or Short Message Service can be used to send messages to mobile phone users. This is a quick and easy way to message people. Mobile phones have today become common and sending an SMS is the easiest way to communicate with someone. SMS can be used for marketing too. Companies can use SMS as a medium to contact customers. They can send
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AT&T Announced Termination of Shared Short Code Service

As part of AT&T’s new policies and code of conduct, the below will be effective immediately and replaces any best practices or SPAM policies previously communicated. Shared short codes Services are prohibited. No new shortcodes will be approved. All existing shared shortcodes will be terminated at a future date to be determined and will be consistent with the commercial availability of 10DLC (10 digits long code) A2P messaging.     The below campaign and message types are strictly prohibited on
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How to Recruit via SMS Text Messages

SMS Recruitement
The short message service(SMS) technology has been around for some time now. Marketers today can use text message marketing for outreach. But it is yet to gain acceptance as a conventional means of recruitment. Nevertheless, some recruiters use it alongside other methods to hire for their company. People across the demographics frequently use text. Many people like using messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber. Additionally, texting is popular. While emails are likely to remain unread, text messages have a
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Communication is the imperative to effective marketing. It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are. If you don’t effectively communicate their value to potential clients, there will be no sales. The silver lining is that when it comes to marketing, there are numerous ways to inform prospective clients about the value of your products or services. However, the concepts and principles behind effective communication in marketing largely remain the same no matter the mode of communication. A cell
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SMS Marketing Campaign- Redbox-Text Now For A Promo Code

Redbox has deployed number of different SMS Marketing Campaigns in past couple of months. The most recent one, Redbox sent out emails to subscribers to text keyword “DAYS” to their short code 727272 to receive a promo code every day! When text DAYS to 727272, received a unique promo code and on subsequent attempt receive a text reply telling that you can have only one promo code every day. Following these messages, received another text message from them, asking for
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SMS Marketing and Email Marketing: The Dynamic Duo

If you haven’t integrated an SMS Marketing strategy into your business, you don’t know what you’re missing. mobile Text Marketing is growing faster than any other advertising medium to date. the uses of mobile devices have grown tremendously over the past few years. it has gotten to the point were ever household has at least one mobile device with SMS capability. consumers are using their mobile device all day every day to check their text messages and emails. Text Marketing
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SMS Marketing 2013: A Year in Review

The common adage, “Out with the old and in with the new” definitely rings true for SMS message marketing in 2013. This has been a year of significant changes in regulations and procedures for mobile marketers who use texts as part of their efforts. Unfortunately, many marketers have employed illegal tactics while marketing their products and services by sending unsolicited SPAM texts to consumers. Obviously, this can cause great distress to consumers as it is clearly a breach of their
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SMS Marketing Campaign: 66% Of Consumers Likely To Participate In Pricing-Based SMS Promotion

According to data provided to Marketing Charts by Responsys, pricing-based offers are the most likely to sway the SMS Marketing opt-in crowd, with 66% saying they would likely trigger an action. That indicates – once again – that deals have a powerful influence on consumer behavior. After pricing-based offers, Responsys finds that consumers believe time-sensitive offers and location-based offers to be the next-most influential, with 52% and 50% of respondents, respectively, saying they’d be likely to act on them. Slightly
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TXTImpact Expands SMS Marketing Service to Canada

TXTImpact announced expanded SMS marketing services to Canada. Canadian businesses can now use the Canadian short code 737373 to interact with their customers via sms messaging. TXTImpact offer various out of box of SMS marketing campaigns for Canadian market: Text to Join: Mobile club, Collect email & mobile Numbers. SMS Marketing SMS Auto responder: Give more information, APP download links Mass Text messaging : Broadcast text message to subscribers using web based tool. Text to Win: Motivate mobile opt-in with
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