Group Text Messaging

Text to Email Service To Bring Texting into the Business World

Everyone knows how popular texting is. Nearly 10 trillion text messages were sent last year. Of all U.S. cellphone owners, 80% of them use text messaging, also known as SMS (short message service). Texting has become an essential collaboration tool for work. But texting remains a clumsy fit inside the office. Text messages from employee or customer to an employee may offer meaningful business information, contacts and schedules, but they almost always arrive to a personal mobile number; lack a
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How to Recruit via SMS Text Messages

SMS Recruitement
The short message service(SMS) technology has been around for some time now. Marketers today can use text message marketing for outreach. But it is yet to gain acceptance as a conventional means of recruitment. Nevertheless, some recruiters use it alongside other methods to hire for their company. People across the demographics frequently use text. Many people like using messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber. Additionally, texting is popular. While emails are likely to remain unread, text messages have a
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RSVP Text Messaging: Text Message Appointment Reminder Service

“How do you fill open shifts?” does your business requires temporary, seasonal or intermittent employees? need to fill last minute shifts fast, spending too much time on the phone with employees and candidates. use TXTImpact 2-way Text Messaging Service to fill shifts in minutes, quickly find qualified and eligible candidates to cover a shift at the last minute.   use Text Message Appointment Service with confirmation (RSVP) to speed-up hiring process by communicating with all candidates at once and save
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TXTImpact MailChimp SMS marketing integration

  Do you have a MailChimp account and want to combine power of MailChimp email marketing with SMS Marketing. With TXTImpact MailChimp integration, email addresses captured with SMS marketing campaigns can be added to your MailChimp list automatically. You can also send text message to your MailChimp lists. Features: Join MailChimp list using SMS marketing short code & keyword Import mobile numbers from your MailChimp lists to TXTImpact SMS Lists Import Email address from TXTImpact SMS lists to MailChimp Lists
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How to merge names or custom data into text messages using TXTImpact?

Wouldn’t it be nice to send a personalize Broadcast Text Message to customer; “Dear Sam. Your payment for month of Aug is due..”, instead of “Dear Customer. Your payment is due”? When you broadcast a text message to customers, you’ll get more positive response if the message is personalized. The most common way to personalize a text message is to add first name of your contact into the text message. Beside that you also add additional personalize information to the
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Group Texting Mobile APP launched by TXTImpact

We’re very excited to announce HTML5 based Group Texting mobile APP for sending mass text and group text messages to customers, employees, or members. Now, you don’t need to be in front of computer or your laptops to send out a text broadcast to your clients or an emergency text alert. TXTImpact Group Texting mobile APP enables users to send text messages to any person or a group on any device with a browser. Client can simply send broadcast to a
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Group Text Messaging Service for Nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is new to Group Text Messaging Service, and because of that, most best practices have yet to be determined. There are some basic guidelines to follow when you are launching and managing your group text campaigns; in the beginning, however, your number one objective should be to begin building your mobile list. It is illegal to buy, sell, or trade mobile phone numbers, unlike e-mail and snail mail addresses. As a result, it takes time to build
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6 Strategies for mortgage professionals to generate More Business Using Text Message Marketing

text messgae for mortgage business
  Text Marketing strategies that can be implemented by mortgage professionals, mortgage brokers and lenders to inform their clients of the latest rate and loan programs remind borrowers of scheduled closings, announce events and capture satisfaction survey. with 97% open rates, Text Marketing will get lenders’ messages in front of their target market, instantly. Text Marketing can impact conversion rates, and improved customer relationship the mortgage professionals. the mortgage professionals, lenders, and broker can use text messaging service for the
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Long Code SMS Vs Short Code SMS: Inbound Text Message Service

Why use a short code instead of a long code? inbound text messaging service allow businesses to receive text message from mobile subscribers. this is cost effective way of communicating with customers, employees, field sales, marketing, polling, etc. to receive a text message carriers provide 5-6 digit number which is capable of receiving and sending only text or mms messages between mobile subscribers and an web, or desktop application. the short code needs to provisioned with carrier after their approval of your application,
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Text Message Reminders Increase Flu Vaccine Uptake

A text messaging-based intervention increases influenza vaccination compared with usual care in a low-income, urban population, although overall rates of vaccination remain low, study data indicate. In a low-income, urban population, weekly text message reminders resulted in a vaccination rate of 43.6% compared with 39.9% in families who received usual care with just the single phone call reminder, Melissa S. Stockwell, MD, MPH, of Columbia University School of Public Health in New York City, and colleagues reported in the April 25 issue
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