Email To Text Service

How Text-2-Email Can Completely Transform Your Business

The future of communication is digital. Many consumers prefer text and social media communication over phone and email. The majority of people now own a smart phone and spend much of their waking hours on their mobile devices. A recently conducted study showed that 3 out of every 4 calls went completely unanswered by Americans. Because of this new trend, it is important for businesses of the new digital age to embrace all of the latest developments in communication and
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WiFi Guest access provisioning with Cisco Identity service: Send guest account credentials as Text message

Guest access provisioning allows you to easily add guest accounts to your network. These accounts are mainly used to authenticate guest WiFi users for temporary access to a WiFi network managed by a Cisco Identify service. By sending guest account credentials as Text message allows guest users to gain access to the Internet quickly and keeps our campus network more secure. How to use TXTImpact Email to text message service with Cisco Identity service engine to send guest account credentials
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SMS Marketing and Email Marketing: The Dynamic Duo

If you haven’t integrated an SMS Marketing strategy into your business, you don’t know what you’re missing. mobile Text Marketing is growing faster than any other advertising medium to date. the uses of mobile devices have grown tremendously over the past few years. it has gotten to the point were ever household has at least one mobile device with SMS capability. consumers are using their mobile device all day every day to check their text messages and emails. Text Marketing
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Text Messaging Service: Receive Text Message as Email

Receive Text Message as Email
Receive Email notification whenever someone text your business You need to setup a keyword on a short code receive text message as email. 1. Anyone text a predefined keyword such as your business name “KevinLaw” to 27126 e.g “KevinLaw we’re looking for an lawyer to represent us in court for DWI violation” 2. The message will be forwared to company defined email address “” 3. Optionally, you can have that message sent to your mobile phone as well. Also, you
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