6 Strategies for mortgage professionals to generate More Business Using Text Message Marketing

6 Strategies for mortgage professionals to generate More Business Using Text Message Marketing

Text Marketing strategies that can be implemented by mortgage professionals, mortgage brokers and lenders to inform their clients of the latest rate and loan programs remind borrowers of scheduled closings, announce events and capture satisfaction survey. with 97% open rates, Text Marketing will get lenders’ messages in front of their target market, instantly. the Text Marketing can impact conversion rates, and improved customer relationship the mortgage professionals.

the mortgage professionals, lenders, and broker can use text messaging service for the following :

rate alerts: send rate alerts to potential customers the interest rate changes or advise of upcoming rate change.

rate quotes: allow potential customers to request current interest rate using text message. with this not you’ll add value to your business, but also this will help you build your text message contact list.

generate lead from advertisement: measure performance of your print, radio, or tv advertisement by including text messaging in the ads. this allows potential customers to request information on the go and also add their mobile number in your database. also, you can measure effectiveness of your advertisement and optimize it for future advertising efforts.

status updates: to keep customer informed about their loan process, mortgage processional can send text message to inform customer about major milestone

ask a question: customer or potential can send a text message to mortgage adviser simple brief questions. mortgage advisers can simply answer their questions directly from outlook, or any email client.

customer survey: mortgage profession can send customer satisfaction survey to capture customer experience during loan process. customer can simply answer few questions using a text messaging.