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sms pollingSMS polling or Text voting is a web based service which allows people to vote by text message during a dance competition, talent show, or fashion show. You may use SMS polling to even ask people open-ended questions or their opinion during a live presentations. TXTImpact offers a most economical way to capture audience responses though easy to use web based SMS polling service. Create multiple choice with any number of choices or open-ended response questions. The text voting service allows organizations to create fun interactive engaging live events. All incoming mobile number are recorded and available for future text message alerts. You can limit votes per participants. You can set start and end date time of polls, allow you to setup a poll ahead of the event but start capturing responses as per the schedule. You can also view live results on your smartphone or project on a large screen/TV at the event.

  • Use TXTImpact SMS polling service to make your live events more entertaining, and engaging. Texting voting is hassle free and economical service to choose the winners. For your talent shows like American Idols or X-Factor, the audience can text their vote and choose a winner.
  • Build your brand by adding real-time interactivity into your Radio or TV or web site programs via text voting and SMS polling. For example a Radio DJ can announce a live SMS poll, watch the tally in real-time as respondents send a text message vote. In turn, listeners receive a reply indicating the current tally and a radio-sponsor tag.
  • A retail store may ask customers’ feedback on various aspects, such as rate customer service, rate store products range, etc

TxtImpact offers fully managed text voting application environment, you can create SMS Polls on the fly using our web based dashboard and watch live tally. Interact with your audience live. You can also view live results from your smartphones.

How SMS polling or Text voting works?

  • Step 1: Sign-up for the TXTImpact SMS Polling service
  • Step 2: Setup Text Voting campaign
  • Step 3: Ask participants to text keyword and their options to short code.
  • Step 4: Live real time results available through dashboard, on smartphones or you can also project them on a large screen at your venue in real time.

Watch the video: How to setup TXTImpact SMS polling or text voting campaign?

Key Features:
  • Setup text voting campaigns instantly in just few minutes using a web based tool
  • Real time results tabulation
  • Instant polling functionality that generates easily interpreted graphical and numeric tools
  • Export data in excel for in-depth or detail study
  • Customize screen templates to display real-time voting results
  • Restrict one vote per mobile phone or allow unlimited votes
  • Identify participants:Detailed results by mobile number
  • Custom Keywords
  • Add as many options to the poll
  • Live results on Smart phones (iPhone/Blackberry) etc.

Self Managed SMS voting and SMS polling system is easy to manage and cost effective voting/polling platform for businesses.

SMS Polling solution is available in following countries:

USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. For Texting number for USA is 27126, Canada 737373 and for rest of the world mobile users can send text message to UK number “+447937985885″ to cast their votes. We can also offer over 21 countries local number for Text voting/SMS polling campaigns, contact sales for more information.