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Generate Leads with SMS Text Message Marketing

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“SMS marketing and Text Message marketing software from TXTImpact is an affordable solution to engage with your customer and grow your business.”

SMS marketing is about interacting with customers using text messaging. SMS marketing and Text Message marketing allows business owners to collect prospects or customers’mobile numbers, names, email addresses, zip codes and more, and send offers, promotions, coupons, service/product updates etc via SMS text message.

SMS Text Message marketing opens up a direct, measurable, and trackable marketing channel with your audience. Right now you put your advertising out there and you wait for a response. You wait for a phone call, a website visit, or a response by mail or a visit to the store. Wouldn’t it be great if consumers could respond to your advertising immediately – as soon as they see or hear the advertisement? The business owner receives the lead instantly to act on it. Business owners can capture more leads with text message marketing as compares to other mediums.

SMS Text Message marketing allows audiences to respond to advertising 24/7 and the best part is that you don’t lose any leads, all SMS requests are saved along with mobile numbers.

SMS marketing and Text Message marketing campaigns provided by TXTImpact

How SMS Text Message marketing works

Step 1. Build SMS Marketing mobile database (Collect mobile numbers)
The first step of SMS Marketing is to gather mobile numbers. You can implement various strategies to gather your customer mobile numbers. Encourage customers to opt-in, promote keywords and short codes or QR code on Table Tents (Restaurants), Yard Signage, Marketing Material, Websites, on Facebook, Google+ etc. sms marketingYou can build mobile lists through any of the following ways:
  • Promote mobile keywords in your Print Media, Yard Signs, Table Tents, Radio/TV/Newspaper Ads and have patrons the join list by texting (SMS) keywords to the short codes e.g. Text Sports to 27126.
  • Install simple HTML widgets on your website, blog or Facebook and have visitors join mobile lists online.
  • Print mobile signup QR codes on various marketing material along with short codes and keywords.
  • Share SMS Text Message marketing campaign on Facebook and Twitter with one single click right from your management console.
  • Implement advances TXTImpact Interactive SMS Marketing campaigns such as Text-to-Win (Mobile Sweepstakes), SMS Trivia/Text Quiz, Text Survey, SMS Polling/Text Voting.
  • Import mobile numbers
*TXTImpact doesn’t sell or share mobile numbers with third parties. All collected mobile numbers in the database belongs to you.
*Register a Mobile keyword. Check if we have a keyword available for your business:
Check if we have a keyword available for your business:
fusaFor USA short code (27126):
canadaFor Canada short code (737373):
Step 2. Broadcast SMS text messages (Mass Text Message)
Use the easy to use web-based Mass Text messaging tool to send SMS Text Message to your opt-in mobile database list. Send an SMS Text Messages to your customers to announce a deal, promotion, an event, or emergency alerts.
  • Broadcast Text Messages or Picture Message instantly, or schedule it for future delivery.
  • Remote broadcast directly from your mobile phone using the remote broadcast feature.
  • The subscribers list is dynamic; all new subscribers will even get scheduled Text Messages or Picture messages for the list.
  • Replies to the broadcast can be either forwarded to email or mobile phone. All replies are available online.

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SMS Text Message Marketing Software Features

TXTImpact offers a feature-rich, web-based SMS marketing platform to give businesses the ability to launch, manage and track their own SMS marketing campaigns. We offer a number of out of box SMS marketing (text messaging) applications and allow businesses, universities, non profit organizations, and various industries to interact with mobile phone users and enrich their communication, marketing and advertising programs.

Read more about SMS marketing (text message marketing) on TXTImpact Blog.

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