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TXTImpact is a leading Mass Text Message service provider in the USA

TXTImpact provides solutions to send mass text messages to the groups of people and receive replies using state of art easy to use web based Mass Texting applications. With TXTImpact mass text message service and tools you can send a text message to groups of hundreds or thousands in seconds using web-based applications or directly from your mobile phone using the remote mass texting broadcast feature. We may not be the cheapest but we’re the best SMS marketing company in the USA with 100% coverage and over 800 wireless carriers worldwide. Our SMS marketing software is easy to integrate and use.

Watch the Video, How Mass or Bulk Text Messaging service works

Mass Text Messaging Features

  • Broadcast SMS and MMS instantly or schedule it for future delivery using easy to use online tools.
  • Filter mobile numbers: Remove landline and invalid numbers from your list before broadcasting a message
  • Broadcast SMS or MMS directly from your mobile phone using the Remote Broadcast feature.
  • The subscribers list is dynamic. All new subscribers will get all scheduled SMS or MMS messages for the list.
  • Replies to the text message broadcast can be either forwarded to an email or mobile phone. All Replies are available online in the dashboard as well.
  • Include pictures as link or embed as MMS (Picture Message)
  • Generate tiny URLs and include with bulk text messages
  • Send SMS or MMS to subscribers from multiple lists
  • Opt-out are handled automatically as soon as some one replies STOP. (CTIA & MMA compliant)
  • Send text messages longer than 160 characters. Mass text messaging service splits messages automatically.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration: Post update on social network at the same time
  • Real-Time SMS and MMS delivery reports, so you can see who received your messages
  • Include unique mobile coupon redemption codes either from a set of uploaded redemption codes or auto generated
  • We support US, Canada, UK, Brazil and over 800 carriers world wide
  • Multi users accounts available, every user will have access to their own campaigns and subscribers only.
  • Create unlimited groups

How to get started with Mass Text Messaging service

Tap into our two-way SMS Gateway to send and receive text/SMS messages and quickly launch your own SMS text marketing applications.

SMS marketing and Text marketing campaigns provided by TXTImpact

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