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Picture Messaging Service (MMS) is now the standard way to send text messages that include a variety of different media formats using smart phones or even a featured phones with camera can send picture messages. With picture messaging, the insurance companies and claims adjusters can improve their customer engagement and customer support; two extremely vital elements that are instrumental to the success of any company. Picture Messaging allows customers to immediately provide insurance agents or claims adjuster with photographic imagery in...

Guest access provisioning allows you to easily add guest accounts to your network. These accounts are mainly used to authenticate guest WiFi users for temporary access to a WiFi network managed by a Cisco Identify service. By sending guest account credentials as Text message allows guest users to gain access to the Internet quickly and keeps our campus network more secure. How to use TXTImpact Email to text message service with Cisco Identity service engine to send guest account credentials as...

Redbox has deployed number of different SMS marketing campaigns in past couple of months. The most recent one, Redbox sent out emails to subscribers to text keyword “DAYS” to their short code 727272 to receive a promo code every day! When text DAYS to 727272, received a unique promo code and on subsequent attempt receive a text reply telling that you can have only one promo code every day. Following these messages, received another text message from them, asking for permission...

Good news for all Outlook text message service fans! Yeah, you know all how painful it was when Microsoft removed outlook text message service feature from Outlook 2013. But now, we have a solution. We’re ready to release the Outlook 2013 text message Add-in. The Add-in for Outlook® 2013 is completely integrated into your outlook and smoothly integrates with Outlook or Microsoft® Exchange address books. It provides a 2-way Text message and as well as PICTURE MESSAGE!! communication. The user receives...

If you haven’t integrated an SMS marketing strategy into your business, you don’t know what you’re missing. Mobile text message marketing is growing faster than any other advertising medium to date. The uses of mobile devices have grown tremendously over the past few years. It has gotten to the point were ever household has at least one mobile device with SMS capability. Consumers are using their mobile device all day every day to check their text messages and emails. Text message...

The common adage, “Out with the old and in with the new” definitely rings true for SMS message marketing in 2013. This has been a year of significant changes in regulations and procedures for mobile marketers who use texts as part of their efforts. Unfortunately, many marketers have employed illegal tactics while marketing their products and services by sending unsolicited SPAM texts to consumers. Obviously, this can cause great distress to consumers as it is clearly a breach of their privacy....

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